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Music and Photos in NYC

Hi beautiful people:) how are you?

I’m writing this blog from the comfort of my red beanbag :) I finally got home from my awesome NYC trip two nights ago, and I wanted to tell you guys a little more about it:)))) 

So basically I did two main things:

1. Photoshoots on photoshoots! In my five day trip, I had three separate photoshoots! And they were all super crazy! We had fake snow, GLITTER, guitars, and even DOGGGGGGS!! That picture from below is a little behind the scenes pic of me and my buddy Sam:) but overall, the photoshoots were so much fun and I had a great time working with all of the people on set:)

2. STUDIO GRINDDDDD:) When I wasn’t doing a photoshoot, I was in the studio working on new music for YOU GUYS! This means new acoustic songs, new PARTY SONGS, and even a special little project that I can’t wait for you to hear:) 

All in all, it was a packed out five day weekend, but I am so happy with all if the work I did, and can’t wait to share it with you:)

Now stay perfect and tweet me pictures of the kool-aid man if you read this so I know it’s real;) heheheh



East Coast Tour

Hey guys!!!! Talk about a crazy week! I’ve had a show every day, performing living room concerts and playing shows with Bridgit Mendler! Even though it takes a lot of energy, I am having the time of my life!!! (pun intended)

First of all, Bridgit is awesome:) her fans are so sweet and I’m pretty pumped that some have joined the ARMY:)) every show that we have played with her has been so big, loud, and straight up crazy!!!! We even played at the NJ Six Flags that had a crowd of 7000 people!!!! I’m not going to lie I got a little nervous… Haha but the crowd was awesome, and i loved it!

As sick as the concerts with Bridgit have been, I have had some SUPER DOPE living room shows! All of the winners were amazing hosts and their crowds were very very fun and responsive:) I even got to ride a JOHN DEERE!!! I don’t have one of those in LA :) so that was sickkkkkkk!

From NYC to DC to NJ to Albany to Philly, this week has been thrilling and exciting! Make sure to check out to check out my upcoming shows!



Pop Tarts Crazy Good Summer Festival- Part II

Hey guys!!!!

How are you? I missed you- It’s been a while! I have been working like a mad man doing everything between video shoots to writing more songs in the studio! But I’m really excited to tell you what’s coming up in the near future:)

THIS SATURDAY I am playing at a mall in San Jose with Teen Vogue for a little Back to School party:) Come check it out if you’re nearby and looking to shop for some back to school clothes.. or if you just want to check out the show!

On August 14th, I will be playing at the POP TARTS CRAZY GOOD SUMMER FESTIVAL! I will be hitting the stage with Austin Mahone, Bridgit Mendler, Connor Maynard, and Ryan Beatty! I really can’t wait to get back on stage and meet new friends, fans, and new members of the AIONO ARMY!

Keep Your eyes open, because I might be announcing some more dates in the very near future ;-)

Love you always,


1st Living Room Show!

Hey guys:) I’m on my way to our first ever LIVING ROOM CONCERT in Chicago:))) while we are on our way, I thought I would just write up this quick blog telling you guys how my week has been:)
So on Monday I had a writing session with my good pal Tom Jordan! If you guys keep up with my Instagram, I made a little video of our drinks at lunch! Haha but we wrote a really nice song together! I hope you guys will get to hear it soon:) but I had to get home and to bed early because I had a flight to NYC at the crack of dawn!!! 
When I landed in NYC, I had a couple more writing sessions and meetings:) we spent the night on the east coast and then woke up the next day to fly to CHI-TOWN!!!! I’m so excited to be here and have this living room concert:) we have never done something like this before, but if it goes well, we could totally do this all over:) Hop on the YOUNOW chat at 6 EST and check it out! Tell me if you guys like it:) 
Love you always,


Young & Foolish: Fun Facts

Hey guys:) how is your week going??? I’ve been super busy writing a bunch of new music in the studio recently, and it made me reminisce back to when we were writing for the Young & Foolish EP! Each song has a cool story behind it…

In my single DOESN’T GET BETTER, I sing the line “shines like coral in New Zealand”. I wrote this verse as a shout out to where my dad was born and raised! New Zealand is GORGEOUS too, so it worked perfectly in the song. He was totally pumped the first time he heard the verse.. awesome :)

Another fun fact… Did you know that LOVE ON FIRE was originally written with a different chorus??? We had a completely different hook in the original song, and it was actually called Best Thing! We wanted to challenge ourselves to really make the chorus pop, so we rewrote it! I like the original version a lot, but I’m really happy we have LOVE ON FIRE now:)

If you haven’t already, please check out my EP “Young & Foolish” on iTunes! I’d love to hear what you think about it- What is your favorite song? How does it make you feel? What do you want to hear next from me? I can’t wait to see what you guys think:)


Pop Tarts

Hey guys! How is your week going? Mine has been CRAAAAAZY GOOD:) that’s a pop tarts reference because I played at the POP TARTS CRAZY GOOD SUMMER CONCERT IN ATLANTA!!! I had so much fun! Even though it was SOOOO humid!
My family, Phil, and I had to fly into Charlotte and pick up a rental car and drive into Atlanta because the flights were full into Atlanta! But it was such a fun drive into ATL because we were all blasting music and playing games! When we got to the venue, we were super excited and we explored the venue! Then we ROCKED THE STAGE AND HAD THE COOLEST PARTY EVER!!! If you weren’t there, ask someone who was and they will AGREE!!!! Haha 
So now we are sitting in the airport because all the flights got delayed:( but we have started making up games like “who does that guy look like” and “what movie am I thinking of” hahahaha I hope our plane gets here soon! 
Regardless, I had such a fun week:) especially being able to get back out on the stage:) 


GUESS WHO WENT TO THE LAKE LAST WEEKEND? I DID! I DID! Haha hi friends:) I’m guessing you all can tell what my weekend consisted of! I went to my uncles lake house and got to spend it wake boarding and tubing and tanning! 
So back when I lived in Arizona, I used to wake board all the time! We had a boat and I had my own board and was even sponsored! But when we moved out here, we kept our boat in Arizona for when we go back to visit, and my board stayed there too:( so I was SOOOOO happy to get back out on the water! I admit I was SUUUUUUPER rusty at first, but I eventually got back into the swing of it and rode quite a bit!
So after all the boarding is done and the water is choppy, we pull out the tube and play survival! (That’s when a bunch of us get on the tube and see who can stay in the longest! If you fall off, you have to get in the boat!) I don’t mean to brag or anything… But I didn’t win… Hahahaha I got second place. BUT I WAS PUSHED OFF!!!!!! I’ll remember that Sidney. I’ll remember that. 
Anyways, I had such a fun weekend with my family at the lake, but it’s nice to come home and work hard on what I love most!!! Hope you guys had a great week! 


Home Sweet Home!

WHAT UPPPPP!!!!! How is your guys’ week going? I have had a great week! I finally got to get back in the studio and write and record some new music:))) I also got to go back to my hometown this weekend! I got to see old friends and family!
So when I landed in Arizona, I went to a get together that my friends were having and I surprised everyone there! We all hung out and I got to tell them about tour! I told them how amazing my fans were and about all our fun times together and our contests! 
The next day, I went to my grandparents, and my grandma asked me the most interesting question! She asked me if I knew who my biggest fan was. And that makes me want to ask YOU guys, which one of you IS MY BIGGEST FAN??? If you think you are, prove it to me;) 
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